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This is why I use a Mac as my primary machine and a shell account (pine) for email. Microsoft’s software is just too damn easy to abuse. I ‘ve received about 15 copies of the ILOVEYOU virus since last night. Here’s the Visual Basic script that’s causing all the trouble. BTW, you can always tell the Outlook Express users by their awfully-formatted email with all that crappy colored text and funky HTML text formatting. Sometimes I just want to smack those MS Outlook programmers upside the head and ask them, “What so wrong with ASCII-based text formatting that you felt you needed to unleash this type of usability/readability software abuse on the world?”

Is this a joke?

A harsh [but honest] opinion about what should happen to Microsoft. I still think the market will take care of Microsoft regardless of what happens. What’s important is that people are being educated about Microsoft’s tactics and business style. And most people tend to shop elsewhere when they learn of a company’s dishonest/illegal actions. That’s what I do.

A sample chapter from O’Reilly’s upcoming book XML and Java, which is really more about Content Management Systems. I really need to look closer at Cocoon, but at first glance it looks pretty robust.

Evolt: Content Management Systems

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 4, 2000 10:43 PM

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