Yesterday, I made the mistake of …

Yesterday, I made the mistake of wearing my Microsoft Mactopia t-shirt to work. Several of my co-workers made comments about it, they being hardcore Linux geeks. That’s what I get for 1) not doing laundry sooner and 2) accepting the t-shirt in the first place at a Microsoft recruitment party back in January in San Francisco.

I just finished watching Trainspotting on the Bravo Channel. While the movie wasn’t as good as I expected, the soundtrack is a work of art. Highly recommended.

This article about getting sponsors is clearly PR fluff. When the new site launched back in January, I criticized its no-holds-barred approach to using new technology. Before they canceled the print publication, I read the magazine on a regular basis. Now that the magazine is web-only, and the technology they use prohibits me from using their site, I’ve found that I’m turning to their competition (WebReview, WebReference) for the same info. From my point of view, they blew it by making their information very hard to get to (because of the web technologies they decided to use). The common phrase among web designers is “the web is not print” can also be applied with a slight modification, “the web is not CD-ROM!”

Remember my complaint/rant about advertisements in front of movies at the threatre? Apparently, this advertising atrocity has spread to DVDs as well. This is unacceptable. When XML Gets Ugly

This graspable user interface concept and supporting information is very interesting.

Ugh! The movie studios are going crazy this summer with web promotions for their movies. I can only imagine how much money they’re going to pump into these sites, only to have people ignore them, and rely on word-of-mouth instead.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 4, 2000 03:37 PM

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