Where’s my brain? I had today’s …

Where’s my brain? I had today’s date listed as a Monday. Lots of links today, folks!

The W3C has approved XHTML 1.0. [Finally!]

Whoops! It’s nice to see lawyers screw up every once in a while.

Ah! What’s happened to Maura? And here, too?

An Open Letter to Geoworks” is an attempt to shed some light on the controversial decision by Geoworks to enforce their “intellectual property rights” regarding the WAP protocol for wireless data transmission.

Dynamic Diagrams: Mapping Web Sites. [from evolt.org]

Jef Raskin: There is No Such Thing as Information Design.

Fascinating speculation about Apple entering the network computer industry using MacOS 9 and some of their new iTools features. [via My Dog]

Regarding the recent uproar about Doubleclick invading our lives and our privacy, I have no comment. If it happens, it happens. People in the know are saying that you should configure your browser to not acccept cookies, except that disables the majority of the ecommerce sites I visit regularly. What to do, what to do? And then I thought, what if somebody wrote a bookmarklet that toggled this preference? Drop that bookmarklet into your browser’s toolbar, and you’re a simple click away from controlling your privacy. Can it be done?

A List Apart: Being Jakob Nielsen, The Story of the Blue and the Green.

Yahoo: Yahoo Parodies.

Awesome article called “Technology We Hate” about technology in our lives. (I’m terrified that any Microsoft software will eventually be in our car dashboards.) I think Java might be a better choice for “digital dashboards.”

I knew it! Emode’s Celebrity Matchmaker matched me up with Jennifer Aniston. I can remember her pre-Friends days when she was a struggling young actor in a short-lived sketch comedy show called “The Edge.”

Phil, the Security Guard. I wonder if he knows Gary Coleman. [via FootPrints]

Download the MP3 “Bill Gates Must Die.” Also read the letter at the bottom of this page. [via Apathy]

Build-a-cow! [via Vaccuum]

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