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The company I work for (Borders Group, Inc.) recently acquired a 20% stake in a small British company called Paperchase. My U.K. readers are probably aware of the really cool stuff that the U.K. Paperchase stores carry. One of my most recent projects was to build a web site that allows us to sell a limited number of the Paperchase items here in the U.S. from our web site (Paperchase does not yet have an e-commerce site). One of the coolest things we’re selling is this unique aluminum business card holder for $4.00.

Alright. This is the last I’m going to say on this subject before I’m tempted to remove all the reciprocal links from my site. Every week I receive numerous requests from fellow webloggers asking me to point to their site. On many occasions, I added their sites to my reading list after reading only a couple of days’ worth of stuff. Some of these links grew stale and I stopped reading their sites. Recently, I made the decision to remove some of these weblog links from my site because I wasn’t reading them anymore. Certain persons, who will go unnamed, took it as a personal attack and started saying not-very-nice things about me on their sites. In my defense, I’ve been very clear about why I’ve made the decisions about what I’m doing with CamWorld, and on many occasions have even asked my readers about the direction they’d like to see CamWorld go in. An example of this was when I was offered a substantial sum of money to place advertisements on CamWorld. After polling my readers and the weblog community, I decided to turn down the advertising money because I was reminded that CamWorld is a personal site, and should reflect my personal tastes, opinions, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. This goes for the sites I link to as well. If your site isn’t compelling enough to hold my attention, I likely will stop linking to it or visit once and never come back. Why people think that once I link to their site, I am required to continue to link to it, is beyond me. From a personal point of view, I’m tired of these people. I’m tired of the continuous stream of submissions that point to very badly designed weblogs, and I’m tired of the idiots who simply don’t “get it.” CamWorld is about me, not you.

I know I’ve linked to Joe Lavin’s site before, but it’s worth another link. Plenty of humor to be found here.

Do you have a gripe?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 30, 1999 06:51 PM

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