Epinion: South Dakota Do you …

Epinion: South Dakota

Do you have unclaimed property? Here’s a convenient state-by-state list of links to the Unclaimed Property Offices government-run web site(s) in each state. Quite a few of the states have searchable indexes of unclaimed property. If you discover that you’re owed a boatload of money, feel free to send me a gift. My searches turned up nothing on any of my family members.

Which reminded me of this interesting site, unclaimedbaggage.com, which sells…well, items from unclaimed baggage from the airlines around the world.

From the NY Times comes an article on how the blind and disabled are using new technologies, including the web.

Apparently, the email Steven Champeon sent me the other day about Dogs in Elk came fgrom a Salon Table Talk discussion forum. Here’s the same text, but this time with fake pictures.

Coke slogans. [Beware the unnecessary and gratuitous java applet] And Pepsi slogans.

Great little blurb on how the word “interactive” is being skewed, shaped, and mis-used by marketers.

“Grapes, like children, need love and affection” and “Skim milk does not come from skinny cows” and hundreds of other modern advertising slogans via the wonderful Advertising Web site at UT-Austin. My favorite is “Dick and Jane is dead” from the Encyclopedia Britainica.

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