David Ogren has a good essay …

David Ogren has a good essay on how stupid some of today’s spammers are.

I desperately want Bob Garfield at AdAge to blast the new Dodge “Different” ad campaign. About the only thing different about it is that they blatantly stole Apple’s “Think Different” campaign. Not very original, huh.

It’s funny how the human mind works. For the past few days I’ve been re-visiting an old favorite of mine, Bob Garfield’s ad reviews on AdAge.com. Every time I’d see the name in print, a little light bulb would “ping” in my head, which told me there was a correlation with some other information in my brain. So, I’m drifting off to sleep, and “pow” it hits me. One of the main characters in Stephen King’s new book, “Hearts in Atlantis” is named Bobby Garfield. Funny how our brains work, isn’t it?

Pillow Book is a journal with plenty of unique and original content. Its tagline: “An online journal with a Japanese theme live from the ancient city of San Francisco.”

LinuxWorld has an excellent article AOLServer. It’s quite technical, so if you aren’t interested in high-end web servers, dynamically-generated sites, and CMS packages, then you might just want to skim it. [Thanks Luke.]

Xander Mellish’s stories are amazing. It’s fascinating that she used to post the first pages of her stories as posters around NYC. [Found at mrbarrett.com]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 9, 1999 08:25 PM

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