Epinion: Hey Mr. Producer! Note: …

Epinion: Hey Mr. Producer!

Note: I changed the default colorscheme from grey to your browser’s defaults (light grey background, blue link, purple visited link). Those of you who have colorsheme cookies set won’t notice any change.

A U.S. map of where various weblogs are located in real space. [Cool, I was actually planning on doing this, but never got around to it.]

ArtsJournal.com looks promising, but they really need to lose the java navigation on the left. How awful.

It started with Yahoo. And then Google. Now we’ve got Oingo. Hmmm….

From the CHI-WEB mailing list archives:

International Semaphore Flags. [In case you ever need to communicate with someone from a distance, perhaps on a boat.]

Hmmm, for a chance at $10,000 I can hit reload 10 times a day.

Whoah, freaky. [Found at anthonyjhicks.com weblog]

Why would I ever want to buy a Slurpee pencil?

This ought to be amusing. [via Interesting People]

How’d I miss this one: Pursed Lips is a weblog about sex, specifically “sex in the news.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 11, 1999 01:08 PM