My good friend and talented designer, …

My good friend and talented designer, Jason Fried, gets an awesome write-up. Everything they say about Spinfree’s design and software is 100% true.

Lots of ugly people photographs. Or if you can’t stand the frames-based format and the commentary, view the photos directory.

Lots of interesting and innovative design going on at Even an add-your-link page. [This last link is a good indicator of who my regular readers are. Heh.] proves that a simple, classy design can overcome the information glut commonly associated with large sites. [Nice design]

I think the 404 page for is totally cool. A funny one is the 404 page for PigDog Journal.

Here’s a strange bug to report. I use C&G SoundJam MP to play MP3s on my Mac. I also use netatalk via Appletalk to read/write files to a big Linux file server. Every single time the netatalk file server goes down, SoundJam will automatically quit with a Type 2 error. Not a dangerous bug, but annoying and weird.

Evolt: 640 x 480 Isn’t Dead Just Yet.

I successfully installed MkLinux on my old PPC 7100 last night. It was rather easy. Now I’m learning the joys (and failures) of XWindows, how to install and configure Apache, and plenty more. Time to crack that Unix Primer.

I read this article called “Kill HTML Before It Kills Us” the other day in the print edition of New Media magazine. My first reaction was that this guy doesn’t understand the fundamental nature of the web. The web is a text-based medium and was designed to transmit textual information, not graphics. I find it inexcusable to abandon HTML and build solely in Flash, as this guy would have us do. Sure, Flash is pretty and neat, but it fails completely in e-commerce usability tests.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 31, 1999 01:45 PM

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