CamWorld Forums offline until I figure …

CamWorld Forums offline until I figure out what I did that broke them. Ugh.

Crackers, anyone?

Crocodile and Emu jerky. Yum!

I was wrong, I guess you can mix religion and banking.

Hurricane Survival Tips.

You can buy just about anything on eBay. (Over 18 only, please)

Bumper stickers for typographers. [These are great!]

My friend, you are a typoholic.

Wow, how did I miss this one? I just read it for the first time.

Only $760.

CamTrivia: I was born on a Friday the 13th. I have a twin brother named Damien. My sister’s name is Dana Barrett. I also have a sister named Carri. There was a horror movie made in the late 1980’s called Cameron’s Closet. Coincidence?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 13, 1999 10:57 PM