OK, the design is still rough, …

OK, the design is still rough, and the code is super-buggy, but I’ve got the first iteration of a DHTML interface done for CamWorld. I’m also working on a version that uses “boxes” like I have now, but each box is constrained to a size and the content scrolls inside of the draggable layer. Yes, I know the nav layer is impeding anchor clickability, still trying to figure out how to constrain it to 200 pixels. Feel free to send comments, tips, bug reports, etc. [4.x browsers only, Netscape preferred.]

I’ve been looking for a good source for 27×41 poster frames, but haven’t found any reasonable prices. I’m specifically looking for the kind with black plastic trim. The best I’ve found is Rick’s Movie Graphics, who has high-quality metal frames for about $40 each.

Salon on the Kubrick DVD Collection.

I read the most amazing book the other night, from cover to cover. It’s a short little novel by D.M. Roman called Fried Calamari. The entire book is written in dialogue between two people on a first date. Fascinating insight into how we behave around the opposite sex while on a first date. On a similar note, go read Jessica Jernigan’s most recent column about women antagonists in novels as written by men.

The evil and haunting side of Windows NT. [via Scripting News]

If anyone is going to MacWorld next week, I’d appreciate a huge favor. I’d like a wall poster of whatever product they are unveiling, likely the Apple/Palm PDA or the consumer iMac portable.

Pages like this prove that we have a long way to go before a user-configurable interface is transparent to web design.

How to Make an Annoying Web Page. [Heh!]

So today, I’m trying to surf around Fatbrain’s site and I encounter this problem. Looks like their server CGIs are misconfigured to send the wrong file type. Heh.

Somebody has automated Altavista’s Babelfish service.

How to pack a hippo. [via Research Buzz]

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