Comics Industry Rant

Predictions of 1999, from 1954.

Dan the Pessimist, looks into the future. [That’s OK, I’m quite pessimistic, too.]

An interesting rant on the comics industry.

North Dakota’s weekly newspapers face new, old challenges.

Committee of Concerned Journalists: Excellence in Journalism and the New Media.

If you’re tired of all the old restaurants and want a fun, new dining experience, try out Mongolian Barbeque. Locations: U.S., U.K.

Another reason why cigarettes should be banned. [Sorry smokers, but I’m quite anti-tobacco.]

SF Gate: Books-a-Million chief dumps a ton of stock. [No surprise, here. BAMM isn’t known to be quality bookseller.]

Internet Funds” is an oxymoron.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 6, 1999 01:18 PM