Amazon’s Christmans Trees

Ecommerce Times: Look Who’s Making Money Online. [When it comes to books, it’s not who you think!]

How long do you think it will be before Amazon starts selling Christmas trees? went live a few days ago. It’s an online greeting card store.

I’m actually amazed that there’s even a press release for this site.

Design as Storytelling by Tom Erickson. Reminds me of the Unix as Literature article.

Ten Design-less Rules for Successful Web Design.

Applying the ADA to the Internet: A Web Accessibility Standard. [ADA = American Disabilities Act]

David Isenberg has a short article about how “Child Care Cams” could be the next “killer winner app.”

Rewired has a review of David Bennahum’s book I mentioned yesterday.

Contentious: Kevin Broccoli talks about the benefits of “indexing” a web site.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 20, 1998 05:57 PM

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