Bitch and Moan

Pop Quiz: You’re the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company. You’re not getting your way. What do you do? Answer: You whine, bitch and moan until the government caves in.

Industry Standard: Is Borders Closing the Book on E-Commerce? Answer: Definitely no. This reporter is grabbing at smoke. That’s all I can say.

Microsoft cancels ChromeEffects. No surprise here. It was a pile of proprietary junk, code and hardware both.

Michael Lewis covers the Microsoft/DOJ trial for Slate. Salon covers the dropping of Lewis by Slate because of various contradictory reasons. [!]

Jason Kottke posts an email by Steven Champeon about “Common Sense.” A biting, but truthful look at a Microsoft-dominated world. [Very good read.]

Oranges that get you high. Heh heh, another example of how scientists and engineers can use their skills to screw with the government.

I didn’t undertstand the comparison of Bill Gates and Microsoft to John D. Rockefeller and Standard Oil until I read this very clear and unbiased biography.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 14, 1998 05:50 PM

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