Geek Oppression

Here’s a story about how a high school kid was yanked from a school networking project, a network he designed. This comes from the new Geek Oppression website.

Microsoft said the change in plans was due to a lack of bugs in [Windows98].” Ha ha! Oh man, someone stop me before I bust a gut.

So Microsoft is changing the name of WindowsNT 5 to Windows 2000. So let them. When half the computer systems crash on Jan. 1, 2000, guess whose OS will get most of the blame, simply because of word association? I love it when dumb marketing decisions are made.

Another excellent, positive use of the Internet.

We’ve got about 20 copies of this book floating around the ofice. This reporter is correct in his assessment. It’s not really that funny. (No relation to the illustrator, Ron Barrett.)

Here is a well-thought-out critique of Java. [I will not endorse Java until its browser implementation stabilizes. – Cam]

Bob Garfield tears into the new Joe Camel advertising. Yay!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 12, 1998 02:25 AM

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