So Clinton Got Lucky

I came home from a long day at work and turned on my Mac and turned on my TV, in that order, and what do I see but a scared-looking President with a freaky puppy-dog face, mumbling about something I really don’t care about.

So what if he fooled around on his wife with some two-bit intern. That’s his business. His life. Why should we care? Personally, I think Clinton sue should sue the ass of of Kenneth Starr for invasion of privacy. Just because a guy is elected President of the United States, that doesn’t stop making him a person. So, why have Mr. Starr and the fool brigade stopped treating him like one?

Hey, we all fuck up every once in a while. What’s that old saying….”To err is human.” I think Clinton proved that one right. As much as I don’t like Clinton, I hate Kenneth Starr even more for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Man, what an asshole. So damn lawyerlike. “Hey, look at me. I’m gonna be Mr. Big after I drag Clinton through the mud. I’m gonna be famous. Me. Me. Me,” is what Starr is really thinking. Another saying: Making mountains out of molehills. Starr proved this one right.

So, I’m watching TV. Well, OK I’m *trying to* watch TV, but all I can find is Clinton and the replay aftermath. [Click] Clinton. [Click] Newsanchor. [Click] Clinton. [Click] More Clinton crap. [Click] Even more Clinton shit. [Click] Hey, what’s on the WB? Cool. A channel not showing this Clinton crap. So what if it’s the WB. At least I don’t have to look a that white-haired pale pathetic face. Go WB!

Jeez, America, log into the clue server and issue a GET command. OK, repeat after me: “We don’t care. We don’t care. We don’t care.” Feel better? Still feel like you need to have this sensationalistic bullshit shoved down your throat? You do? Hmmm…well maybe we are doomed then. I just know the Europeans are over there laughing their asses off at us: “Poor, foolish, silly, pre-occupied Americans. They just really don’t get it, do they….”

Argh. I hate watching this crap. I hate seeing my fellow Americans get so wrapped up in something so trivial. Man, this is the same reason papers like the National Enquirer are still in business. What crap. What useless, mindless, trivial crap.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 18, 1998 09:33 PM