The Exception That Proves The Rule

A nice piece by Matt Neuman: The Exception That Proves The Rule

How many bombs does it take to bring down the Internet? The Scientific American reports that routers are the most vulnerable points.

The Book Report reports in an interview Stephen King wants to write a book called “On Fiction” which will be an anthology of stories about writing. But, he feels it’s risky. No way, Stephen! Damn, where can I pre-order?

From March: Online Press shows us other people’s daily bookmarks. Here’s a partial list of mine.

For my local readers: I suppose that everyone has to start somewhere. Watching public television has become a major fascination for me while I work online. Tonight I saw the end of an independent film produced by an outfit called Quickly Produced Television, made up of a few of the local Indie film-makers in the Ann Arbor area. I came very close to changing the channel, but was nicely rewarded for my suffering with a tasty URL. Click.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 30, 1998 04:41 PM

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