Notes on a Cool June Night

So, there’s a few movies I want to go see, but have been just way too busy to do anything.

The new Disney film made using the Japanese style of animation and mosly animated by animation firms in Japan. The first mostly-foriegn produced movie for Disney. It looks good.

Truman Show

This looks excellent. A very original idea, for sure. It’s refreshing to see Hollywood produce something other than the shoot-em-up poorly directed crap.

Phil Hartman

That’s to bad about Phil Hartman. He was a very funny man. Surely he will be missed. I hope the producers of Newsradio don’t try to replace him with some cheey hack. They’d be better off to play up the talents of their other actors, especially Andy Dick. He has the potential for being a break-out star.

Spencer, SD

Wow, an entire town literally wiped off the face of the earth. Ironically, we used to travel through this little town on our way out West. As a kid I lived in several locations in South Dakota. Tornados were very common but they rarely ever caused the destruction this little town saw. One of my most vivid memories of my childhood is everyone running around the house putting on rain and storm gear heading out into the dark sky to round up the stray cattle. Cattle get hit by lightning pretty often in open pasture. We used to call the suction mud out there South Dakota gumbo because it had the consisitency of a thick soup/stew.

These are my thoughts on this cool June night, and re-runs on TV.

Time to read a book…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 2, 1998 11:59 PM

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