Cam on the Radio

Tune in to WMAQ in Chicago at 4:25 P.M. CST to hear a live interview with me. [This didn’t happen. The interview was scheduled, and they never called. Hmmmm.]

A few more TV news people have called and emailed. We’ll see where this goes.

Here’s yet another article about me. Also about some other folks who went through some similar stuff.

The Traverse City Record Eagle did a front page story, using the Associated Press article that ran on the State wire. I’ll link the national version of this story as soon as it’s online.

Newsradio WSGW 790 in Saginaw, MI did a whole hour about “Internet Firing” on the Cameron Knowles show, yesterday. [I’m going to convert the tape to RealAudio soon].

Read what Lizz (Sexychyck from the NY Times article) has to say about the AP stories and her response. Here’s my rant.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 15, 1998 01:22 PM

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