CNN is Interested

CNN is looking into doing a show about this new social phenomenon.

Apparently, they talked about me on the Judy Jarvis Show today. I’m looking for a RealAudio broadcast of the show. Anyone know of one? (The site isn’t updated yet).

I’m expecting a lot more vistors today and tomorrow as the AP story hits the wire today and should be picked up by many of the smaller newspapers around the country.

JobHunt ’98: I have an interview in Chicago tomorrow and a phone interview with one of the top interactive advertising agencies in the country on Friday. Wish me luck.

Do you like satire?

The most common response from the NY Times article is “Holy shit!” or a variation of it, like “Holy shit, Cam!” I’ll be compiling a page of responses and opinions soon. Keep sending in those opinions.

Another site that is in my “visit daily” Bookmarks list.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 13, 1998 01:19 PM