Happy New Year!

It seems that a lot has been going on in my life lately. Everything is all crazy and mixed up. The year 1997 brought a lot of changes, the most important being my employment termination and my quest for answers, opinions and a new job.

I’m trying to deal with it the best way I can. To stay busy and not think about it. But the more I think about what my employer did to me, the more pissed off I get. My blood pressure must be horrible. And I’m having trouble sleeping. My whole sleep schedule has changed and I find myself sleeping into the late mornings and then taking naps in the afternoons. I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm for the projects I’m working on, namely MacShelf and WebShelf and am trying to kickstart myself back into gear by converting the book database into FileMaker Pro and rebuilding the sites using Dave Winer’s Frontier.

I’ve also decided to take my unfair employment story public. I’m contacting as many journalists as I can, hoping someone big will pick up the story. I have a good lead into Wired and I hope they nab my story before someone else does. But, what if I’m portrayed as the “Web Weirdo of the Week?” I don’t want that. I’m not a sick psychopath or some weird Internet guy. I’m just a struggling writer and web designer with a tremendous amount of talent and a broad scope. Why does the media always have to portray the people who work on the Internet as losers, weirdos, and crazies?

Enough is enough folks, I’m sick and tired of it already.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 2, 1998 11:59 PM

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