CamWorld Turns Ten

Ten years ago today I sat down at my trusty Apple PowerMac 7100 (66 Mhz), fired up a text editor and wrote the very first entry of this weblog. It said simply, “Life is a constant challenge.

There was no further explanation, no diatribe about the turmoil my life was in at the time, no links to web design and HTML resources elsewhere on the web, no opinion about politics, no product reviews or endorsements. It was simply a cheap rhetorical statement thrown out into the growing thing which soon acquired a name: the blogosphere.

Here we are, ten years and hundreds of millions of blogs later — some of use still blog regularly, offering our insights, our voices and opinions about anything and everything. Others like myself, have stopped their regular blogging and only contribute when they really have something worthwhile to say. Part of me misses it but I also recognize that my personal and professional lives have become so busy that one of the sacrifices I’ve had to make is the health of this blog.

For the past yen years my blog has been one of the constants in my adult life. It has been there through the thick and the thin. Early in my career it was there when I was the first person to ever get fired over a blog. It was there when I took my first dot-com job and when I moved to NYC. It was there when I moved to Little Rock, AR to work for the Wesley Clark 2004 presidential campaign and it was there when I met my wife (through a Craigslist personals ad no less).

My blog does not get updated much anymore and I need to renew my commitment to keeping it fresh. My new job (more about this soon) and my increasingly busy personal life are taking their toll on CamWorld. My wife and I are expecting our first baby soon (due October 1) and everyone with kids keeps telling me I have no idea what I’ve signed up for. Never one to back down to a challenge I smile and say, “Sure sure, piece of cake.” Remind me of this post in November and I may think differently!

The bottom line is my blog continues to be a large and important part of my life, more so my past than the present. Who knows what the future may hold. Here’s to ten more years of blogging!