April is Autism Awareness Month

michaelIf you watch any daytime TV or caught Nightline the other night you’ll know that April is Autism Awareness Month. Recently there has been a big activism push towards edcuating the public about autism and creating a larger awareness about what autism is and isn’t.

When I met my wife a few years ago she mentioned to me that she had a nephew who is autistic. I didn’t know what to expect. Over time, as we visited her brother’s family for the holidays and family events I learned more and more about little Michael and his struggle in this confusing world. I watched him grow into the amazing little boy he is. He is now the star of an Autism Speaks video that uses the music of John Ondrasik of the band Five for Fighting. Every time this video is watched, a donation is made to the Autism Speaks charity. This is made possible via Revver’s revenue-sharing approach that give up to 68% of the video’s ad revenue to charity.

If you care about activism and educating the world about autism, please go watch this video now. If you’re really moved please consider donating money. Thousands of children like Michael are counting on it.