An Update! Wow, an Update!

For all of you who thought I had crawled under a rock and died, I have news for you. I’m not dead! Really.

Later this afternoon I’m flying out to California for a series of job interviews with an unnamed company (I can assure you that you’ve heard of them). If they go well, my wife and I will be relocating to the west coast or what I like to think of as EarthquakeLand, which in some ways is just like TerroristWorld here on the east coast. We’ll be around until late on Monday, so if you want to meet up for lunch or brunch over the weekend, shoot me an email or text my cell phone (mobile [at], or Twitter me at username camworld.

I’m also interested in learning about which neighborhoods in the Bay Area are the best to live in. We’re going to drive around Berkeley and its surrounding towns and get some of the local realtors to show us places, but it’d be a good idea to know what’s good and what’s bad before we go.

In other news…

Confabb, the startup I co-founded last year is hosting the site for the annual Personal Democracy Forum conference. They’re taking advantage of all the social networking and conference management tools we built into the web application. It’s exciting to see our hard work pay off.

David Dell has joined Confabb as our CEO. I’m excited to see someone with so much experience building companies join our little startup. It validates the idea I had a few years ago for a centralized conference community which resulted in Confabb. I feel that my idea is now in good hands with people like David a the helm.

I’ve been doing a lot of Drupal consulting lately. I am continually amazed at how robust and powerful this community platform is. The largest Drupal site I run is, which gets about 20,000 unique visitors per day. I’m now building a Drupal-powered site for a film and video company that wants to build a large online community for the creative professionals industry. It’s a fun project that I am hoping will turn into a huge success for them since that particular market is underserved as far as robust online communities go.

Stay tuned in the next month or two for more exciting news and announcements. This year is going to be full of surprises, excitement and new learning experiences.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at March 14, 2007 12:50 PM