Cooking Classes in NYC

For some time now I have been thinking that I need to become a better cook. There are a few things I know how to make very well: fried potatoes, polish-kielbasa soup — but there are many times I’ve tried to cook something new and it has just not come out the way I want. During my bachelor years, the solution was to just add a bunch of salt and a few other spices to mask the mistake, but I realize that’s an easy way out. What I’d really like is to take a cooking class that teaches me how to use spices better, namely which spices to use with which foods and how much.

I’ve been looking online at some of the cooking classes offered in NYC, and they all seem pretty expensive. I’m also not having much luck finding a class that only deals with how to use spices properly.

I know that cooking is a lot lot dancing: practice makes perfect, but I’m hoping that I can take a few classes to learn more of the basics of mixing flavors and spices and then use that as a foundation for everything I cook in the future.

What are your favorite sources for cooking information? I’m not really looking for recipes, unless they are very specific about spices and flavor. Also, if you know of any culinary classes in NYC that teach what i’m looking for, then leave a note in the comments. My research has not resulted in much information.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 23, 2005 11:40 AM

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