CamWorld Back From the Dead

Sorry about the downtime. Last week, while I was on vacation out west, a hacker once again got into my rack server and installed software that was trying to exploit other servers. My bandwidth provider received notice within minutes from several sources that my box was compromised and shut down all services except for mail processing. When I got back to NYC I proceeded to move 21 sites (55 domains) to a hosting account at, where I’ve pre-paid for a year’s worth of service. I’ve decommissioned my rack server and am selling it to a colleague who has other machines in the same rack. I’m hanging up my sysadmin hat and am going back to using a realiable hosting provider. It has its limitations (CPU cycle quotas, disk quotas, etc.) but at least I can be confident the machine is secure and if/when it ever does get compromised it is not my mess to clean up.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 3, 2005 04:15 PM

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