Katrina Roundup

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is far worse than we ever expected. On Monday after the storm passed, with reports of it missing New Orleans, I assumed the city would be spared. But then one of the levees broke and the water came flooding in. Like many others I question the state of readiness and slow action of our federal government. I stop short of blaming Bush for this mess, but it concerns me that he decided to continue with his planned appearances rather immediately kick the government’s resources into gear. It also concerns me that Condoleeza Rice, one of Bush’s closest advisors, decided to go shopping in Manhattan rather than stop her vacation to be by Bush’s side during this national emergency. Dick Cheney is still on vacation (he’s probably too busy counting his Halliburton money to be bothered with something as trivial as a national emergency).



I can’t help but think back a few months, watching a cheesy fake documentary (TV movie) on FOX called “Oil Storm” that outlined the aftermath of a series of disastrous events that disrupt the supply of oil to the United States. The first event in this series was a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast reagion, destroying the oil refineries there. We’re already seeing the price of gas up to $3.00/gal with some experts saying it could be $4.00/gal by Christmas. I’ll bet all those Hummer H2 owners out there are slapping their foreheads right about now.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 2, 2005 12:35 PM

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