Too Busy to Blog

Holy crap have I been busy this month; too busy to blog. I need to get back into the habit of posting stuff every day. I’m sure it’s like riding a bike; you never forget.

Congratulations to the team over at Behavior Design, launching the new The Onion site. I had a series of meetings with them back in June to discuss the pros and cons of the various open source CMS solutions out there. I helped the tech team narrow the choice down to Drupal, Mambo Server or a home-grown solution. Happily, they ended up going with Drupal – and it looks freaking awesome.

More congratulations to the team over at Six Apart for releasing a major upgrade to Movable Type. I’ve been upgrading all of my clients that use MT (about a dozen) to MT 3.2, and the process has been mostly smooth. I’m very happy with nthe speed increase in 3.2, and look forward to see how well it will perform for my largest MT-based site WatchBlog, which has over 2600 entries, 130+ authors and over 65,000 comments.

Lastly, I’m headed out west in a couple weeks for some camping. Taking my city-raised girlfriend camping for the first time should be quite an experience, for both of us. Having never slept outisde in a tent before, it will be fun to introduce her to the joys (and aches) of camping.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 1, 2005 12:29 AM

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