Casting The Amazing Race, An Experiment in Blogging

I’ve been pretty quiet lately. Apologies for that. I’m swamped with freelance and consulting work, working feverishly on getting my new blog consultancy up and running, and auditioning for reality TV shows.

Yeah, you read that right. My twin brother Damien and I went to a casting call last month for season nine of The Amazing Race – in my opinion the only good reality TV show left on television. The odds are slim that we get cast, but we’re trying anyway. We decided to go one step further and build an entire web site to showcase our efforts to get the casting directors to notice us. They get thousands and thousands of tapes and only eleven teams of two people are ultimately chosen. We can’t even be certain that our tape was seen by a casting director, so we’re being pro-active about it and asking the blogosphere for help.

This is sort of an experiment as well. With all the media buzz about blogs, we’re interested in seeing how much effect we can have by asking the blogosphere to step up and lobby CBS and World Race Productions to consider us for the show. For them to cast twin bloggers would be a very good idea, because they can then use that fact in their marketing of the show next spring. And by casting one of the pioneers of the blog format gives them immediate credibility (and potentially many thousands of new viewers) within the blogosphere.

Feel free to link to, email your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to help as well. Someone out there must be friends with the casting directors at CBS for The Amazing Race, or knows someone who is. Let’s see if we can get this guerilla marketing campaign to work.

Note: Should we achieve the near impossible feat of getting cast, we promise to blog up to the point they tell us we should stop. In that case, you won’t hear anything more about this until next spring when the show airs (it films in November).

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 3, 2005 11:28 PM

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