Better Campaign TV Advertising

Sometime last year I remember being in the Clark campaign headquarters in Little Rock. The television was on in the background when a preview for Spiderman 2 came on. Almost in unison, the entire tech team stopped their work and migrated to the TV to watch. When it was over, there were comments like, “Wow” and “I can’t wait to see that.” I also thought it was a great preview for what has tuned out to be a pretty good movie. And then I had the thought, “Why can’t our campaign ads be more like that?”

Besides the increased production costs, I see no real reason why more time couldn’t be spent on making better, more glossy, campaign ads. Ads that tell a story, with better sound, better editing and great cinematography. The talent for these kinds of ads already exists. The understanding of how to create such an ad already exists. I don’t understand why the current campaigns won’t take some extra money and put it into the production of an ad — rather than spending little on the ad itself and more on buying spots for their ads.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at August 2, 2004 03:51 PM

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