Unraveling the Mysteries of the Bush Administration

I just read this fascinating, well-researched article that clearly outlines the motives and interests of the Bush Administration in the Middle East. It dissects the Valerie Plame affair, and suggests that the CIA is engineering a coup d’etat against the Bush Administration. It also says that we should expect indictments for both Bush and Cheney soon which could result in the collapse of the Bush Administration.

Now, I realize that a lot of this article is speculation but the author does bring up a number of surprising points and links a lot of the information together in ways that the mainstream media has not.

My gut feeling on the Plame affair is that Karl Rove is behind the whole mess. He’s not above outing a valuable CIA operative because the operative’s husband made the Bush Administration look ridiculous. Rove is the man behind the curtain, manufacturing the illusions of the Bush Administration and manipulating the media.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 28, 2004 03:49 AM

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