Fahrenheit 9/11

I’ve been watching the buzz build for Michael Moore’s new movie for several weeks. One of the most fascinating indicators so far has been the IMdb movie ratings, which interestingly enough reflect the polarization of politics in this country.

Ever since this movie was added to the IMdb database, it has been receiving a 70% to 30% split in people rating it 10 vs 1. A very very small percentage of people are rating it anything between. This clearly shows the hard-line partisanship of political activists trying to use IMdb as an early indicator to the rest of the world about how to react to the movie, which doesn’t even hit theatres until June 25. Fascinating…

For a better understanding of what’s going on here, read some of the user comments. Remember, probably less than a few hundred people worldwide have seen this movie to-date.

The message boards are full of threads (like this one) from activists saying they’re creating multiple fake IMdb user accounts just so they can vote 1 on this movie. Seems a little pathetic.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 13, 2004 11:16 PM

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