CamWorld Turns Seven

Seven Years! Every year on this day I write about how my blog is turning another year older. Part of me thinks it is completely silly that we mentally celebrate the aging of a blog, but I think it’s a testament to how personal they are and the importance they play in our lives. Yet without blogs we’d still be building personal home pages full of pictures of kittens and links to the Big Red Button That Doesn’t Do Anything.

Blog Pioneer: I’m proud to be among the small group of people that pioneered this space back in the late 1990s. I know I don’t keep CamWorld updated as frequently as I used to but that doesn’t mean that I’m not keeping busy. On the contrary, look for a bunch of new projects from my corner launching within the next few weeks.

The importance of blogs in the history of the Internet is a hotly-contested fact, yet without blogs where would we be? The blog format has given us a natural structure. Blogs have given us a voice. In short, blogs are the the natural iteration of the personal home page.

Political Campaigns: I also am going to start writing my post-mortem of the Clark campaign, giving the world an insider’s perspective of what it was like to work there, what I learned, the mistakes we made and how campaigns in the future can avoid them. I will also include some anecdotes from the time I spent consulting the Kerry campaign on online community. I’m not free to speak publicly about some of the things I learned there, but I will write what I can. Look for this sometime between late summer and the few weeks leading up to the election in November. It might even be long enough to be published elsewhere (dead-tree media agents take note).

BlogLabs, Inc. I will also be soon launching a company I started last summer a few weeks before I ran off to Arkansas to join the Clark campaign and try to change the world. I put this company on hold while I got sucked into the world of politics, but am now putting my time and energy back into it and am on track to making it happen.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 11, 2004 03:35 AM

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