On Hiatus Once Again

Sorry about the lack of updates. Due to an overload of work, I have to put CamWorld on hiatus once again. It’s possible this hiatus will last as long as a year. Once things have settled down, I may revive it and resume with my regular blogging.

Also note that I am working on some undisclosed blog-related projects for some undisclosed people that involve blogs and web community. When I have permisison to publicly talk about what I’m working on, I will post a short notice here on CamWorld. Also note that there will be one or more blogs in the near future that I will be contributing to in case you want to follow what I’m doing.

Sorry about being so vague, but I’m under a press embargo. Stay tuned and you’ll soon see what I’ve been up to. Thanks.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 26, 2003 05:10 PM

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