Hurray for Backups!

Yay for backups! Apparently, the rushed Retrospect backup I ran on Sunday after I got the hard drive working did contain my most recent Entourage database. The first time I tried restoring it, Retrospect grabbed one of the old email databases that was only current up to July 27.

Another attempt today, this time only restoring the exact files I needed succeeded and now I have all my data and email archives back. I am immensely pleased and the $250 I spent back in July on an external 40GB LaCie firewire drive was money well spent.

The Apple guys at Novaworks have confirmed that the hard drive is shot and Apple is replacing it for free with a new one. It’s a good chance for me to do a fresh install of Mac OS X, re-install all my apps and weed out the collection of crap I no longer need but have living in the dusty corners of my laptop; which in theory will leave me with a faster, more organized computer.

Three cheers for backups!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 9, 2003 02:20 PM

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