Coming Up For Air

Sorry about the lack of new posts. I have an incredible amount of projects to finish in July. Here’s a short list:

  • Build web site for new company I am forming
  • Finalize paperwork to incorporate this company in New York
  • Bid on 1U rack servers at eBay
  • Work with sysadmin on installing server at
  • Build prototype for new blog idea (not WatchBlog)
  • Finish converting freelance client site to PHP/MySQL
  • Re-file taxes for 2000, 2001, and 2002
  • Finish site design for tax-firm client
  • Build HTML prototype for sports-related client
  • Write functional spec document for my back-end programmer in Russia

Also, I just moved (again!) and it took weeks to figure out why my wireless network was so hosed (thanks Damien). After determining that it wasn’t the Apple Airport, the power supply, or my Airport Extreme card I ended up buying a Linksys 2.4 Ghz wireless router to get past the interference problems I was experiencing. I guess one of my neighbors or someone in the office building next door has a cordless phone.

Portland was fun, but tiring. The OSCON was great, as expected, but I ended up missing the sessions on Friday because Thursday night I busted my nose open at Aaron’s apartment (long story involving a printer, a stupid metal magazine rack, and Aaron’s girlfriend looking up directions to the ER at midnight). Luckily, no broken nose-bones, just a lot of blood and nice big cut across the bridge of my nose that may or may not leave a scar.

I’m very intrigued by Portland. I like the fact that Oregon has no sales tax, and Washington has no income tax. So you can live in Vancouver, Washington (just over the state line) and your cost of living drops by thousands of dollars a year. I wonder why more people don’t know about this nice little tax-free vortex. Or maybe they do and that is one of the reasons why Oregon’s unemployment rate is 8.5%, the highest in the nation.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 17, 2003 12:02 AM

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