Name the Kitten!

Name this kitten!

My roommate Josh adopted a stray kitten from across the street a few days ago. He’s the cutest thing and has quickly learned that human fingers equal “awesome scratching things”. If you ignore him, he’ll find someplace nearby to fall asleep because he just likes being near a person. It only took a few days but he’s completely adjusted to being indoors, was litterbox-trained in one day, and doesn’t try to escape outdoors. I guess he knows how sweet this deal is, compared to duking it out with his brothers and sisters across the street for squirrel roadkill and tearing open garbage bags on Wednesday and Sunday nights.

The only problem is, he doesn’t yet have a name. Since it is his cat, Josh has agreed to take suggestions but does reserve the right to reject any or all of them. Leave your suggestions in the comments for this post. I want to call him HREF, after the HTML attribute for the anchor tag.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 27, 2003 07:15 PM