Everybody Knows

I’ve long been a fan of the well-known Leonard Cohen song, Everybody Knows. Listening to this song today I couldn’t help but think about the current political mess this country is in. So I came up with alternate meanings for the lyrics when applied in a political context.

Original Lyrics (First 3 stanzas)   Today’s Meaning (in a Political Sense)
Everybody knows that the dice are loaded   …Bush is betting the farm (America)
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed   …hoping that WMD’s are found in Iraq
Everybody knows that the war is over   …too bad we left a huge mess behind
Everybody knows the good guys lost   …the 2004 election should right some things
Everybody knows the fight was fixed   …the Florida nonsense in 2000
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich   …the irresponsible 2003 tax cuts
That’s how it goes   …when you own the mass media
Everybody knows   …thanks to the international and free press
Everybody knows that the boat is leaking   …and those in power will drown
Everybody knows that the captain lied   …the Bush administration continues to lie
Everybody got this broken feeling   …unemployment is rising, the market is falling
Like their father or their dog just died   …it’s hard to be upbeat with Bush in office
Everybody talking to their pockets   …because dissenters are being silenced
Everybody wants a box of chocolates   …the only sweet spot in this whole mess
And a long stem rose   …or a lift on the stem-cell ban
Everybody knows   …thanks to blogs and freedom of speech

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 4, 2003 07:16 PM

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