Separation of Databases in MT

I’ve been playing around with creating multiple weblogs within MovableType. It’s a great feature. Up to this point I had been installing multiple versions of MT, one per domain, because I knew that I had to keep the authors of each MT blog completely separate regardless of whether I was hosting the domain or not. This overhead also allowed me to store the data for each blog in separate MySQL databases.

However, now I have a need to run multiple blogs under the same installation of MT but also keep separate databases for each blog. I don’t see any easy way of doing this because a single installation of MT uses the same mt.cfg file regardless of how many blogs it owns. Am I mistaken? Is there a way to use MT to run multiple blogs but also assign each blog it’s own MySQL db?

Some discussion on this in the MT support forum.

Update: More research informs me that a single installation of MT can only write to a single MySQL database. If I want separate db’s I need separate installations of MT. I have been told that my request has been added to the to-do list for future versions of MT.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 19, 2003 04:25 PM

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