Camworld Stories: My …

Camworld Stories: My Father, the Ghost Hunter. I originally wrote this true story for Fray but it was not accepted because of a lack of submissions for their Halloween special. Have a good Halloween everyone. My brother Damien responds.

CSS Layout: As practice for converting Camworld to CSS layout I have gone ahead and converted Aaron Draplin’s site (which I host) to MoveableType, using a highly modified version of one of the CSS layouts included in MT. There is a lot of work yet to do on Draplin’s site, but it’s pretty slick and I was shocked at how easy the conversion was. The Blogger-to-MT import tool is amazing. Note: Camworld does not use Blogger; it uses an antiquated home-grown system/process I developed back in 1998.

ICANN Needs to Be Replaced: How in the world does eliminating public participation in the voting process equal being “plugged-in to the community”? Such bullshit. The ICANN board needs to be removed. ICANN itself needs to be replaced or disbanded. Am I the only person who thinks that they’re holding this meeting in China simply so they can avoid people showing up and protesting?

NY Times: From Anxiety, Fear and Hope, the Deadly Rescue in Moscow. Finally, a good article that explains exactly what happened in the Moscow theatre last week that killed so many innocent people.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 31, 2002 05:53 PM