Pinnacor. Today’s big …

Pinnacor. Today’s big news is the company I have been consulting for for the past 13 months has been acquired by Screaming Media which has renamed itself today to the slightly obscure name Pinnacor.

Weird Coincidence: The first result in a Google search for “Pinnacor” turns up an old page from my twin brother’s web site. Apparently, there is an old Apple distributor named Pinnacor, which Damien has worked with in the past. Weird.

NY Times: Want Bills by Snail Mail? It Might Cost You Money. While I agree with this trend and think it’s the right direction, I think that no company should charge extra for such a service if their web site has any kind of accessibility problems. For instance, if a company wants me to pay a bill online to save them money then their web site must work with my browser of choice. Of the dozen or so bills I pay each month, thre are only two that I must mail in. The rest I pay using PayPal’s BillPay service, which pulls money directly from my checking account.

Using PHP at Yahoo: Excellent presentation that clearly outlines why Yahoo has decided to use PHP over many of the other scripting languages available. This is great stuff. [Via via Anil]

Résumé Spam: What the hell? I just got yet another piece of résumé spam from someone named Randy Feldman. This guy clearly is just spamming his résumé since it was sent to the email address I use only for PayPal, which is the only email address on Camworld that is accessible to spambots. As is my duty I will report it as spam and then reply to him with a link to the Bernard Shifman story.

In Mourning: After Senator Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash last week, many people observed that this would lead to unethical campaigning by the Repulican party. The family of Wellstone apparently has asked Vice President Dick Cheney to not attend the funeral, after they became upset about recent GOP campaign activities. Ouch, that’s got to hurt.

Economist: The Weakest Link. “Human failings, in other words, can undermine even the cleverest security measures. In one survey, carried out by PentaSafe Security, two-thirds of commuters at London’s Victoria Station were happy to reveal their computer password in return for a ballpoint pen.” Oh my.

ABC News: American Unease With Islam. I don’t think it’s just the U.S. Many people in the world have unfavorable opinions of the Muslim faith, and as long as religious fundamentalists continue to kill people in the name of their god, that opinion will not change. It’s not just Islam though. Christianity (among other religions) has a long history of people being killed because of their religious beliefs. More religious intolerance: Eagle Scout kicked out of organization for being an atheist.

Airline Seat Pitch: Excellent chart of the various dimensions of seat pitch on airplanes. Seat pitch “is the distance between a row of seats – the measurement from the same position on two seats, one behind the other.” Bookmark this.

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