Blogger Hacked! If …

Blogger Hacked! If you use Blogger, you need to change your server password RIGHT NOW! Whoever has hacked into Blogger has changed most of Blogger account passwords, so you are unable to get into their database to change your data. If FTP passwords and server info are available to the hacker, then your site and web server are vulnerable. Change your FTP/server password now!

That shit don’t add up. British folk singer Billy Bragg is distributing a new MP3 that takes issue with the recent Bush administration efforts to invade Iraq. It’s called “Price of Oil.” Download it here.

Voices on the radio
Tell us that we’re going to war
Those brave men and women in uniform
They want to know what they’re fighting for
The generals want to hear the end game
The allies want to approve the plan
But the oil men in the White House
They just don’t give a damn

It’s all about the price of oil
It’s all about the price of oil
Don’t give me no shit about blood, sweat, tears and toil
It’s all about the price of oil

[Full lyrics]

Sad news. Paul Wellstone, a Democratic Senator from Minnesota has died in a plane crash, along with his wife, daughter and three staff members. Senator Wellstone was a leading voice against Bush’s Iraq war plans. [Thanks, Ted]

Truly Impressive. I’ve been playing around with Moveable Type again, after putting it aside for several months. Ben and Mena have done an amazing job with this weblog product. I thought it would be pretty difficult to convert Camworld over to MT, but after understanding how it works I see that it won’t be that difficult at all. I have thousands of posts in the archives that need to be entered (or scraped) and MT is flexible enough to allow me to keep my specific directory structure which means I don’t have to put any redirects into place. All of the incoming links to Camworld will stay they same and there will be very little, if any, linkrot.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 25, 2002 05:17 PM

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