New IA Book: …

New IA Book: Congratulation to Christina Wodtke on the publication of her first book,
Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web.

O’Reilly: Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason. I had no idea this book was in the works. Good stuff. Also,

Terror in Moscow: This is getting very tiring. All this senseless violence. A few minutes ago 20 armed gunmen stormed a theatre in Moscow taking as many as 700 people hostage. According to reports, only children and Muslims have been released. Update: only the CNN report notes that Muslims were allowed to leave. There’s no proof yet that this terrorism is religion-based.

News from Russia: The TV news there says the gunmen are Chechen and there are 1216 hostages. Though the Chechen officials are saying to not believe the terrorists’ claims of being Chechen. Further reports from released hostages indicate the men are Chechen, and their likely demand is to stop the ongoing war in Chechnya.

Regime Change Begins At Home. U.S readers, don’t forget to vote on November 5. If enough people vote against the Republican party, it will be possible to stall Bush’s grand plans until 2004 when hopefully someone better can be elected into office.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 23, 2002 08:13 PM

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