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New PHP list? A few days ago I asked about good mailing lists that cover PHP and MySQL. I received a few responses but no one was able to give a glowing recommendation for a list that was well-managed and carried a high signal-to-noise ratio. I’m tempted to start a new list, which I will own and co-moderate with another experienced list manager. I’m not sure yet if starting another list is the right approach, but there appears to be a need. I have been managing the cms-list for over two years and it continues to receive lots of praise from within the industry. I never like re-inventing the wheel, which is why I asked about good PHP lists, but if there is a true need for a good, well-managed, low traffic, no-marketing, PHP list then I will be more than happy to manage it. I will, of course, be looking for a co-owner/manager for the list, preferably someone with experience running mailing lists and also strong interest in PHP. Is this a good idea? Are you interested? Email me.

Webmasterbase: Build your own Database Driven Website using PHP & MySQL – Part 1: Installation

Photo: The statue in front of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Downtown Manhattan.

Macs in New York City: Derrick Story: Apple’s Switchers Campaign Getting Through. I am continually amazed the large number of Macs I see in New York. I know that it’s because New York is the media capital of the world, and Macs are traditionally a media industry tool, but the number of empty G4 cardboard boxes I see sitting among piles of trash bags on the side of the street is sometimes astonishing. It’s rare that I see iBooks or Tibooks on the subway because people don’t like advertising the fact they are carrying one (beware of theft), but I regularly see numerous iBooks and Powerbooks in the coffee shops and WiFi parks. My brother Damien is looking for a couple of good Mac techs for some open poisitons he knows of.

Evil ≠ Oil?: NY Times: Are the Saudis the Enemy? I’d be interested in learning what percentage of the Saudi GDP was supplied by American money in the past 60 years, and how much of it was oil-based (45%). If America suddenly stops buying oil from Saudi Arabia, what will happen to their GDP? In other words, would Saudi Arabia be the country it is today had it not had been able to use its American-centric oil money to educate its past 3 generations of people? Or would it just be another Iraq? It is interesting to note that Iraq’s literacy rate is 58% and Saudi Arabia’s is 78%. Lots more info at the CIA World Factbook site.

What is an Information Consultant? Information Consultant

Nick Denton: Search for the moderate Muslim. Nick brings up an important point. I think it’s clear that most educated people realize that not all Muslims fall under the fundamentalist stereotypes created by terrorism, but it also must be noted that not all Americans are cowboy boot-wearing, rich, ignorant, funny-talkin’ Christians who think Muslims are evil.

Diversity Visa: Here’s something else to think about. If so many people overseas hate the United States so much then why do approximately 9 million foreigners every year enter the Diversity Immigrant Visa lottery program? If they win a visa, they are given a Green Card and are allowed to emigrate legally to the U.S. In 2002, the U.S. gave 71 DV-2003 visas to people from Iraq and 38 to people from Saudi Arabia.

Let’s take a look at the number of diversity visas issued to each country over the past four years. I’ve also added the Iran and North Korea numbers since Bush has labeled them as ‘Axis of Evil’ countries:

Iraq      Saudi Arabia N. Korea Iran     
DV-2003 71 38 4 768
DV-2002 117 50 0 1703
DV-2001 99 88 2 740
DV-2000 49 83 3 489

Apple Advertising Copycats: At what point should Apple say “Enough.” Now the Republicans are copying the Switch ad campaign in the hopes of getting Democratic voters to switch. [via Metafilter]

Weblog Schwag: I got a postcard in the mail yesterday from UPS saying they could not deliver a second-day airborne package from Perseus Publishing. I’ve been scratching my head as to who would be sending me a book from Perseus. I thought at first it was Mark Frauenfelder, who asked me for my address so he could send me a copy of his new book called Mad Professor! But checking Amazon shows that his book is being published by Chronicle, not Perseus. And then I spotted Rebecca’s note about receiving a copy of signed copy of Howard Rheingold’s new book called Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution. And yes, checking Amazon shows that this book is published by Perseus. Mystery solved. I’ll pick up my copy from the UPS warehouse after work. On further thought, is this an example of problem solving using social networks? Hmmm….

Hot vs. Cold: It’s that time of the year where the building’s air conditioning is fighting the heating system. About once every hour the A/C kicks on, runs for a while and then kicks off. About a half hour later the heat kicks on. This wouldn’t be so annoying except the main A/C duct is directly above my cube.

Cambridge Docs: Transforming Unstructured Content into Meaningful XML (White Paper)

Funny: The Sex Calculator. (Needs sound + Shockwave)

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