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Photo: Looking down Stone Street at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court building, Manhattan.

Livejournal: New York Primer. Brilliant! [via BoingBoing]

It comes as no surprise that Microsoft’s latest earnings are massive. Yet, the company is taking great pains to downplay this fact. The only reason I can determine is it proves their new licensing scheme is financially abusive to companies who are locked into their operating system platform and software.

Dan Gillmor’s latest piece talks about Microsoft’s $40 billion in cash reserve and wonders what Microsoft will do with this money. It’s disturbing to think that Microsoft is going to just get larger and larger by buying into new markets.

Come to think of it, a good part of that $40 billion would help us pay for Bush’s ego-war in Iraq. How about it Gates? Better his money than mine. True, it’s a silly idea, but not completely crazy.

Anil Dash Magazine: Introducing the Microcontent Client. Where’s the dead-tree version?

Working For Change: The Empire’s soft underbelly.

Doonesbury: On bloggers. Heh.

For the developers out there and those who love to control every tiny aspect of their web browser, check out this amazing list of Hidden Mozilla Prefs. Excellent stuff.

John Perry Barlow: Pox Americana. Read this if you want to be more scared than you probably already are about the Empire-building of the Bush administration.

Congratulations are in order to Jesse James Garrett for shipping his first book, The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web. It’s now on my wishlist.

Computerworld: Wall St. Leans Toward Linux. Who’s Got a Meankitty? I Do, I Do! You just gotta love the Internet sometimes.

O’ReillyNet: Digital Identity Redux. “This is, of course, bullshit. The average consumer, the realists tell us, will trade privacy (a business card) for a 25-cent rubber squeeze toy with a company brand name on it.”

The Official Naked Skydiving page.

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