Bet On The …

Bet On The Future. “First thing we see is that everyone has a high-speed connection to the casinos. That’s because the servers are now all in space –thereby avoiding any jurisdictional squabbles– and wireless internet is everywhere.”

Here’s an excellent article at Business 2.0 that outlines the business model used by the super-successful Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA.

New York: The Ghostbusters Tour. Great concept. I’d been meaning to track down where in Manhattan the Ghostbusters firehouse is.

Sartopia, the Femdom Art of Sardax. Mildly pornographic, but definitely in a category of its own. Nice.

Excellent New York Times Magazine article that talks about the societal problems (and political ramifications of such) between the super-rich and middle America:

The concentration of income at the top is a key reason that the United States, for all its economic achievements, has more poverty and lower life expectancy than any other major advanced nation. Above all, the growing concentration of wealth has reshaped our political system: it is at the root both of a general shift to the right and of an extreme polarization of our politics.

Slashdot: Mitch Kapor’s Outlook-Killer

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 19, 2002 01:43 PM

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