ZDNet has a …

ZDNet has a good series of articles on Microsoft:

Slashdot reviews Creating Applications With Mozilla.

Craigslist. Mystery RAM for sale. Ha ha!

Brian Carnell: The Best Religious Joke Ever (by Emo Philips)

The Best Damn Page In the Universe. And he means it too.

Hee hee. Oh, the irony…

I remember way back in the early 1990s I was watching a new sketch-comedy show on FOX called The Edge. One of the actors was a then-unknown Jennifer Aniston, and I recall thinking “She’s going to be a big star some day.” A few years later she resurfaced on the hit show Friends. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching the new show Good Morning Miami, and I feel exactly the same way about the actor who plays Dylan the hairstylist, Ashley Williams. Even if the show fails (it likely will not) Williams has a bright future. This guy agrees. She has a glow about her that sets her apart from the rest of the fresh, new actors on TV today.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 17, 2002 09:43 PM

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