An astute reader …

An astute reader noted that CamWorld is inaccessible in China, as it is blocked by the Chinese government. Indeed, it is being blocked since and, which are aliases to this site, are accessible. Hmmm… Update: Various readers have reported that they get different results when checking the accessibility of CamWorld in China. How odd.

Please kids, don’t pray and drive (no offense intended). Update: A couple readers have written in saying that this story may be a hoax.

Satire or actual analysis? I can’t tell. Critical analysis of “Bling Bling”: A breakdown of the personalities of Baby, Lil’ Turk, Lil’ Wayne, Manny Fresh, Juvenile, and The B.G. derived from their “flow”.

What the…? A turtle with a laptop? I have no idea what the FTC is thinking.

How odd, I saw a talking monkey (some would say a puppet) on TV tonight. And people were applauding. And it was on prime time. I can only imagine what they’ll think of next.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 7, 2002 03:41 PM

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