I’m back! My …

I’m back! My trip to Russia was amazing. I took over 600 pictures and have a head full of memories. I will spend time this week putting together a trip report. Stay tuned.

Here’s a little preview of the pictures I took:

Stolby Nature Preserve
Giant rock formation at the Stolby Nature Preserve, – Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Those little blurry dots on top of the rocks are people.
Abandoned House
An abandoned house in a Siberian village – Sludanka, Russia.

If my schedule allows I will join my brother on this year’s Multiple Sclerosis Bike-a-thon. Please consider donating to this good cause.

SpamAssassin caught over 7 MB of spam over the two weeks I was away from email. My hosting provider upgraded their FreeBSD installation four days ago which broke my SpamAssassin installation. Reinstalling (and upgrading) fixed it but I still suffered having to manually delete a couple hundred pieces of spam received over the past few days. Yuck.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 16, 2002 03:02 PM

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