Note: I need …

Note: I need a break. A break from this weblog, a break from the rut I am in. I leave for Krasnoyarsk, Siberia in Russia in four days. I will be keeping a travelogue and taking many pictures but I probably won’t post anything until I get back. See you in a few weeks.

Siberia: I have two side trips planned. A 2-day trip down the Yenisey River (6th longest in the world) and a 5-day trip to Lake Baikal via the famous Trans-Sib railway, flying back by plane.

$2 Bill: I’ve been thinking about inexpensive gifts I can take to Russia with me that will create a lasting impression. I was digging through some boxes in my apartment last night looking for the manual to my digital camera and I came across a U.S. $2 bill I had saved for some unknown reason. I had a moment of inspiration and have decided to visit some banks before I left to get more. Because most people in Russia keep their money in U.S. dollars (under their mattresses, etc.) they are familiar with American money, but very few have ever seen a $2 bill. I’ll try to locate 10-15 of these and give them out as gifts and leave them as tips at restaurants. I imagine they will become collector’s items for the people who receive them, and surely they will show them to their friends.

And now for some links:

Dynamism is a company that sells itty-bitty electronics of all kinds from Japan.

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