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CamWorld Mail: August 13, 2002. Cory Doctorow responds to correct my assumptions regarding wireless networks. Lilly Tao comments on my Amazon Gold Box behavior.

Scott Rosenberg: The media titans still don’t get it

Cory Doctorow: Can the Digital Hub Survive Hollywood? “Apple has broken every rule except the most important one: build what your customers want to buy.”

Two articles worth reading over at Washington Monthly, both written by Josh Marshall. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is written but both articles address issues that the mainstream media generally ignores or glosses over. Confidence Men, is about the myth of Republican competence. Bomb Saddam? is about why so many people in Washington are trying to force the issue of going after Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

V.S. Naipal: “I think that the driving force is Saudi Arabia.” Naipal is a very smart man who should be listened to. I find it interesting that the Muslims criticize him for voicing his opinions. I’m sure he respects the Muslim religion, but he may not agree with its beliefs and idealism. It’s disappointing to realize that most of the world’s problems and wars lead directly back to religious differences. Hey religious people, open up your minds. There are people out there who are different from you. Please practice religious tolerance.

Atlantic Monthly: Homeland Insecurity

Free the Mouse: I’ve seen Lawrence Lessig speak before and it has always been good. His presentation at last month’s Open Source Conference is a sum of all his previous speeches. He clearly outlines the background of copyright law, the problems it faces today, and counters the efforts of Disney and other big media corporations to clamp down on fair-use. He says it better than I can. Download the presentation (an 8.4MB Flash file) and watch and listen. It’s well-worth your time (30 minutes long).

After listening to this speech I emailed Cory at the EFF to recommend that they build a web site that makes it easy for people to send letters to their representatives of Congress regarding the issues being fought. Cory responded, “Hey, we’ve already done that. Check it out:” I am so pleased to see the EFF do this. I know my donations are going to a good cause. I have sent all of my CamWorld Tip Jar donations for the months of July and August to the EFF.

Warchalking: I don’t understand the whole issue behind Warchalking. Time-Warner Cable is pissed because some of their broadband subscribers are sharing their bandwidth with others, and are trying to shut them down using a variety of tactics. As far as I’m concerned, anyone who leaves their wireless network open and unsecured is just asking for trouble, especially if you live in a metropolitan area. Identity thieves and other criminals who want anonymous access to the Internet are going to take full advantage of your generosity. If it’s not happening already, it will soon. My wireless network at home has been closed and password-protected from Day 1. Not because I don’t want my neighbors to use it, but because I don’t want my information stolen and my privacy invaded. How soon before spammers park themselves on a street corner and start using your wireless network to relay spam? How soon before criminals use stolen credit cards while on your network? It can all be traced back to you.

Ha ha ha, the meme has spread. “Please, think of the kittens” has landed on Craigslist in the form of a personals ad. Brilliant!

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